SonoLux is currently rising in Old Montreal on St-Jacques Street and scheduled to open in spring 2025. Located in the iconic National Trust Building, a Neo-Classical 1914 architectural landmark, SonoLux will be a hotel, art cinema, culinary lab and audio lounge.

“ Generally, it is the unknown
that attracts us. ”
-Murasaki Shikibu
SonoLux broadens the individual and collective consciousness by introducing new ways of seeing, new ways of listening, and offering the possibility to consider new perspectives that will stimulate, challenge, and inspire. We hope you join the odyssey as we explore the artistic horizons of sound and light. Announcements coming soon. Also, feel free to

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Built by a new breed of hospitality professionals with the desire to weave a philanthropic purpose into their vision, the SonoLux creators also aim to transform guest experience into guest engagement to support, champion and provide new opportunities for artists.

At SonoLux, guests, artists and collaborators connect through curated audio and video experiences in multiple exhibition spaces, including the rooms. This synergetic collective of art enthusiasts is at the heart of our philanthropic purpose.


Sonolux is the latest addition to Epik Collection, an innovative and dynamic hospitality group. We are already on the lookout for hospitality talent. We need creative and illuminated collaborators to be part of the journey. Visit our website for more info epikcollection.com.

225 rue St-Jacques
Future site of SonoLux in Old Montreal


SonoLux is an ambitious and risky venture that would fade to black without our brilliant partners. Thank you!

“ There are two ways of spreading

light; to be the candle or the

mirror that reflects it. “

– Edith Wharton


hello (a) sonolux dot com

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